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Things to Know Before 3DEXPERIENCE® UPS Data Migration

Do It First Time Right!

UPS Data Migration

Is moving to 3DEXPERIENCE® on your cards?

Then you would be definitely planning to handle the complexities of CAD/Non-CAD Data Migration to 3DEXPERIENCE®. We have pre-built data extraction adapters for various sources of PDM/PLM systems like  SmarTEAM, SolidWorks EPDM, Siemens PLM, PTC PLM, or any other legacy systems.

With our 25+ Data migration project experience, we can help you to migrate your data in the most cost& time optimized manner with the help of our sophisticated tools

UPS Data Migration


Step-by-Step Guide


Keys to Successful Migration

Data Migration

Key Milestones to UPS Data Migration

Successful UPS data migration involves several key milestones to ensure a smooth transition. Each milestone is crucial for a seamless migration experience.

Why Migrate to UPS Data Model?

  • Work more efficiently in a multi-CAD environment.
  • Leverage other platform capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform like DELMIA® and CATIA®.
  • Native management of CATIA V5, SolidWorks, and other X-CAD data.
  • Make the most of your non-CATIA V6 CAD investment by bringing everything together.

Why & When you should not Migrate to UPS Data Model?

UPS Data Migration Approach

What will work best for you?

Bing Bang Vs Incremental Data Migration
UPS Migration Approach

UPS Data Migration Strategy Selection

Why should I care??

Because that will be key to ensuring your project timelines and Go-Live window downtime.

UPS Data Migration Roadmap

UPS Data Migration Roadmap

Have you estimated your license needs post-migration?

  • License for DS Migration tools
    • For Export and Import Processes
  • PLM License
    • For TOBE Process Mapping
    • For CAD connectors
  • CAD toolkits for access to file-based attributes if any
  • ETL Migration Framework License

Migration Readiness Checklist [ EXTRACT]

For Legacy PLM

✅What are the required data that needs to be extracted?

✅What are Version/Iteration Requirements?

✅Just the Latest Released Revisions to migrate or all Revisions and versions?

✅Do we need History to migrate?

✅What other data is to be migrated? like Tasks, Project, Folder, Workflow, Users, Roles, etc.?

✅What data we don’t want in the new System?

For New PLM

✅Define what is needed to be Implemented in your new PLM System.

✅Is All CAD Data Required or maybe just the most active products/programs CAD Data? E.g. 20 product structures.

✅Do you have an alternative archiving strategy for non-migrated legacy data?

Stakeholder Alignment

✅Are All stakeholders aligned that they agree with the stated requirements and implantation plan?

SteepGraph’s ETL  Migration Tool Process Flow

ETL Data Migration Tool

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