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ARAS Innovator Services

Having the best software is not always enough. With our skilled consultants and vast experience, we can help you configure your ARAS Innovator effectively.
– Brings the best out of it with our Advanced Toolset.

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Expertise in ARAS PLM

We are ARAS partners since the very beginning of ARAS Corp. We have seen the evolution of ARAS in many versions. We can do pretty much anything & everything for you inside ARAS.

ARAS Innovator


End-to-End ARAS PLM Implementation at a much lower cost and much faster pace with our tailor-made industrial solution to help accelerate the digital transformation journey. We have the technical skillset and the industry knowledge that make us stand out as your business partner in the implementation journey.

ARAS Innovator

Configuration & Customization

CMF, Tree Grids, Reporting Dashboards, Workflow, Access, MAC/DAC Policy Configuration with the right skill experts at SteepGraph. Also, develop new modules as per your business processes to bring digital continuity.

ARAS Innovator

Migration to ARAS

Migrate data from any other system & even the older version of aras to the latest version of aras. with changes made into the system within the cycle to enhance user experience.

ARAS Innovator

Data Loading

Import any data relational data with files & create relationships as well. Auto-Generated Data Loading Excel Template.

ARAS Innovator

Enterprise Application Integration

Unidirectional/Bi-Directional integration With enterprise applications like ERP, Project management tools, JIRA, MES gets live updates in all systems.

ARAS Innovator

Support & Maintenance

  • L1/L2/L3 Support
  • Continuous Enhancements
  • CI/CD
  • Test Automation
  • Training & Much More
ARAS Innovator

New Modules Development

SteepGraph has the required industry knowledge to extend the ARAS use case across all the departments with the right level of module extension

  • LMS
  • RFQ Management
  • Costing
  • CRM
  • Certification
  • KRA Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management
  • Asset Management & Much More Possibilities…
ARAS Innovator


Creating a cluster environment with multiple servers for Databases, files, and applications on Premisise or on the cloud.

  • Vault Replication
  • CI/CD
  • Release Management
  • Log Management
  • Server Management
  • Network Management
ARAS Innovator


User Training, and IT Training for better Adoption of the entire platform

ARAS Innovator

Aras based web portal

A Complete new User Interface with the backbone as ARAS Innovator which is easy to use, adopt and upgrade.