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Having the best software is not always enough. With our skilled consultants and vast experience, we can help you configure your 3DEXPERIENCE effectively.
  – FASTER & BETTER with our Advanced Toolset.

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Preferred Partner of Dassault Systemes

We serve customers industry-wide with deep knowledge, expertise & experience from various projects in 3DEXPERIENCE.



SteepGraph has the technical skillset and the required industry knowledge over the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which makes us stand out as your business partner in the entire PLM implementation journey

  • Maximizing your PLM investment with well-structured PLM Implementation Practices
  • SteepGraph Services Toolkit and reusable components help
    • To bring industry best practices
    • Lesser Time & Cost
    • Predictable project schedule
  • Expertise and experience across multiple PLM platforms​
  • Global Experience with multiple industries and sizes of Organizations

Upgrade & Migration

SteepGraph is the leader of Upgrade & Migration setting up records of more than 3 billion data transfers over the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

  • FIRST TIME RIGHT is our Philosophy for Upgrade Projects. We make it happen using Three-way-merge tools and methodologies to precisely upgrade customizations to target the 3DEXPERIENCE release.
  • Our Data Migration ETL framework is designed for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to effectively migrate data from any source system to 3DEXPERIENCE and build a single source of truth for the entire organization.

Planning to migrate to the UPS data model? We have proven tools and methodologies to migrate to the UPS data model.


Configuration & Customization

Every organization can have business processes that are distinctive, and at times, solitary. A major cause of reluctance in the adoption of PLM customization has often been the ‘What-If’ analysis that developers have to undergo to make the software do what it is intended to. This can sometimes be confusing to the end users. We support our customers from the early stages of gathering their requirements, creating customization blueprints, and implementing them with best practices thereby ensuring minimal risk and maximum ROI.

  • Templates to Map Business objectives to PLM benefits
  • Validating the fitment of the PLM concept to business processes
  • Defining a realistic plan for its implementation
  • Blue-printing to give a visual experience

Enterprise Integration

SteepGraph has done 3DEXPERIENCE Integration with multiple Enterprise applications and CAD Tools over the years.
It’s Complex by nature.

Multi-Application API knowledge, Multiple Teams, Multiple QA Systems, different data levels, Complex & Secure Architecture, and Multiple Stakeholders to validate & approve the solution.

It needs thorough planning, strong collaboration, a comprehensive QA strategy, Well thought Go-Live strategy, and an experienced technical team.
It’s hard-learned lessons, available to reuse.



End-to-end infrastructure consulting services with PLM Environment Setup and related services like…

  • Environment sizing

  • Code Release Management

  • CI/CD

  • Server monitoring and dashboarding

  • Log management



Support and Maintenance

We provide round-the-clock support to ensure the smooth running of your applications. This includes multi-level support and a seamless communication channel that ensures application continuity.

Everything from change management, emergency fixes, application monitoring, and configuration management to standardized planning, monitoring, and documentation is taken care of with adherence to the SLA.


Exalead - PLM Analytics

Our expertise helps 3DEXPERIENCE customers to achieve a single source of truth by pulling data from multiple source systems.  Over the years we have acquired strong knowledge in this area:

  • EXALEAD Setup and Rule-based indexing

  • EXALEAD connector development to pull data from multiple systems

  • Effective Project Management with aggregated real-time Netvibes dashboards.

  • Integrations with multiple systems made the entire ecosystem under one hood.

  • Multi-level 3DDashboard KPIs.



To unlock the full potential of 3DEXPERIENCE, SteepGraph offers services for user-centric functional Widgets development.