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Tools that can help you to adapt and configure your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for better Productivity, Performance, and Reliability.

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What SteepGraph Toolset can offer you with 3DEXPERIENCE?

Better Quality

Achieve better quality with our tool-based Continuous Improvement.

Best Practices Inbuilt

Designed by experts with 3DEXPERIENCE Best Practices.

Proven Methodology

Methodologies evolved over decades of our PLM project experience.

Shorter Timelines

Pre-packaged tools & solutions reduce project timeline.

Competitive cost

Reduce overall cost by building on top of existing Tools & Solutions.


Migration Framework

A comprehensive ETL solution to effectively migrate data from any source system to the 3DEXPERIENCE.

  • Adapters for multiple CAD tools
  • Connectors for legacy applications
  • Connectors for enterprise applications
  • Support from 3DX Experts

Upgrade Framework

Experience of 20+ 3DEXPERIENCE upgrades packaged in one Box – 3DX Upgrade Framework. With this Framework, we could complete all our Upgrade projects on Time and In-Budget.

  • FIRST TIME RIGHT is our Philosophy for Upgrade projects. We make it happen using Three-way-merge tools and methodologies to precisely move customizations to target the 3DX version
  • Fixed-Price Upgrade is our choice. Our Upgrade Assessment toolkit makes this happen
  • Re-executable ANT scripts that automate upgrade steps
  • Extensive 3DEXPERIENCE knowledge base on Data models and Process changes Release by Release. Ready to use solutions for known challenges and upgrade path

Test Automation Suite (TAS)

A robust, easy-to-use test automation tool for 3DEXPERIENCE web and native applications, with recording and playback capabilities.

  • Comprehensive test coverage with minimal manual efforts
  • Savings on resources and overall cost
  • End-to-end testing solution for 3DEXPERIENCE

Automatic Installer(3DX-ai)

Can you imagine a 3DEXPERIECE Environment set up in one day? Yes ! with 3DX-ai, it’s possible to deploy 11 servers, 6 database schema, and 9 web apps in a single click.

  • Powerful engine suited for DEV/QA/DEMO environment creation.
  • Equipped with comprehensive quality checks.
  • One-day installation of 3DEXPERIENCE platform with simple IT Admin skills

Performance Profiler

Helps you identify the root cause of performance bottlenecks with a uniquely designed Performance Profile for 3DEXPERIENCE. For a given use case, know which method/API takes maximum time and invocations.

  • Generate trigger performance report for given use cases
  • Statistical data to identify and analyze time-consuming triggers impacting performance
  • Help in defining to refactor the code to improve overall performance

ENOVIA Implementation Accelerator (EIA)

What if you can design 3DEXPERIENCE User Interface without any coding? Yes, EIA is a low code platform for 3DEXPERIENCE UI design and development. Anyone can create Forms, Tables, Commands, Menus, Portals, Channels, and Properties files through Wizards, that too with Dassault Best practices. Zero coding. Easy to maintain and upgrade in the future.

  • Inbuilt OOTB and Best Practice
  • Tree-view-based representation with easy modifications for UI components like Menu, Command, Web-form, Table, Portal, and Channel.
  • Integrate with existing development practices by generating output in Spinner and MxUpdate.

Data Loader

Data can be loaded into any version of 3DEXPERIENCE/ENOVIA with complex structures and files. It helps you create Test data, Demo data, Training data, and more.

  • Can read any type of exported data (such as Documents, EBOM, Product data, etc) in Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and other formats and load it into any version of ENOVIA
  • Can load a big volume of data along with complex structures and files in a very short time
  • Multi-threaded process

Scenario Tracker

3DEXPERIENCE Scenario Tracker is designed to generate a complete defect report with

  • Defect-related data collection in a matter of clicks
  • Detailed event history of data including people and their access
  • Help in identifying data variety and sequence of operations
  • Built-in search for faster RCA

Code Review Suite

Use of the Right APIS, Best Coding Practice, and code quality is the key to future maintenance, optimized performance, and upgrade of PLM implementation.3DX Code Review suite is meant for it. It helps in

  • Early identification of problems
  • Reduced risks
  • Less/No build failures
  • Catch pitfalls in code ensuring quality
  • Consistent code standards across the project

ENOVIA FCS File Reconciliation

A file reconciliation tool is developed to solve a very common problem of “missing files in-store/location”. It generates excel file reports, which contain the list of files from object meta-data information (information as in a database) and gives a status of file availability on relevant locations/store folder paths. The missing files scenario happens when files from locations/store folder paths are deleted for various reasons, but object(s) still have the information (metadata) with the file path.


PCS Framework

Performance, Capacity, and Scalability Measurement Framework – Give Complete performance testing of your 3DEXPERIENCE platform under expected load and can define the Speed, Scalability, and Stability of the system in real-time load conditions.



PLM Implementation projects are complex; TrackPLM makes it easy. With its extensive ALM capabilities, TrackPLM manages end-to-end PLM Programs by having complete traceability of project data starting from Work Package, Use Cases, Requirements, User Stories, Development, Test Cases, Defects, Documents, Project Plan, Reporting, and Change Requests; all at one place and connected.


Workflow Toolkit

Our unique workflow solution for 3DEXPERIENCE can help you manage your complex business processes as WorkFlow in 3DEXPERIENCE. Our Workflow Toolkit makes Business Process Workflow Visualization & Control easy and transparent.