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ARAS Toolset

A massive library of productivity and usability tools can be implemented over ARAS regardless of the level of customization done on top of it.

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ARAS Free Tool

Benefits of Steepgraph Aras Toolset

Better Quality

Achieve better quality with our tool-based Continuous Improvement.

Best Practices Inbuilt

Designed by experts with ARAS Best Practices.

Proven Methodology

Methodologies evolved over decades of our PLM project experience.

Shorter Timelines

Pre-packaged tools & solutions reduce project timeline.

Competitive cost

Reduce overall cost by building on top of existing Tools & Solutions.

Usability Tools

Usability is the core need for organizational change management for a better user experience there is a deep need for usability aspects to be implemented during PLM implementation. There are so many ways user experience can be improved in the Aras user interface. SteepGraph has developed many usability enhancement plug-ins and toolkits to improve the user experience.

Productivity Tools

Aras users need different ways to do quick-end operations in the context of the functionality for better productivity. SteepGraph has developed several productivity tools which reduce the work for users and improve the productivity of Aras users. Hence improving the efficiency of completing different tasks inside the system with a reduced number of clicks.

ARAS Innovator

Data Loader

For the greenfield PLM implementations current data are located on local folders and network drives. We have an intelligent way to move all this data and generate the metadata automatically.

  • Load Documents, Parts, BOMs, Projects, Records, or any custom data model-based ItemTypes
  • The tool can also load data along with the related data creating the relationship automatically.
  • For ease of use, the tool is using Excel as input in a specific way which is a particular template.
  • Capability to generate the templates based on the Aras data model with a list of values as a drop-down so that data preparation can be more accurate before data loading.
ARAS Innovator

Reporting Framework

We have 3 unique report-generation frameworks.

  • Workflow Process Reporting: This framework is able to analyze all the executed workflow processes in the custom duration to analyze which activity is taking what time it can be analyzed on multiple parameters like activity owners status or the different properties of the item.
  • KPI Reporting: can be attached to any ItemType to generate the KPI report on progress against the life-cycle status over time. For example in the last six months what was week-by-week issue life-cycle status changes happening can be reported in the multi-segment bar chart and this is generated automatically from the Aras UI.
  • PDF Report Generator: This allows the user to define a custom layout that can be converted to pre-defined templates. where you can import any direct, indirect, and relation data/images/tables of any item based on pre-defined templates with just a click of a button.
ARAS Innovator

Structure Compare

Aras structure compare is very basic comparing at type name revision level. We have developed a very advanced level of structure comparison. Which generates results based on

  • Different properties are selected for two different versions, revisions, or items.
  • In-depth report with different markings for easy comparison and decision-making.
ARAS Innovator

Job Scheduler

The leadership team needs different kinds of reports at different scheduled intervals this can be configured with our job scheduler to generate the reports and sent to the target audience based on the configuration. The tool is also capable to notify the users of their scheduled tasks at defined intervals.

And Many More Tools…

Send Item As Email – Free Tool

Our 13th Anniversary Giveaway


Some data needs to be shared with customers, suppliers & colleagues to be handy out of the PLM system.


Sharing item data over mail is the solution. It could be part/document/process/quality checks or any item present in aras.


With a click from the context item in Aras, we can send the item metadata and files to email recipients.


Download this tool package, installation guide & user guide. Import it and start using it right away.