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On-Demand Webinar

- A Roadmap to Successful Transition

Is moving to 3DEXPERIENCE UPS Data model on your cards?

Then you might have many questions –

  • How should we do transition from Designer Central to UPS?
  • What are going to be changes in our WoW?
  • What would be the best tool and methodology to transit processes and data? What are the best practices?
  • What if my EBOM and CAD-BOM are not in synch? How to go to UPS?
  • What happens to my custom code (User Exits) in Designer Central?
  • What is Downtime needed and how should we plan to cut over?

To answer all the above questions, we have an On-Demand Webinar on Data Migration to 3DEXPEIRENCE POWER’BY (UPS)

Access WebinarAccess Webinar

Let’s discuss your requirements and unleash possibilities together

30 minutes to make magic happen