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3dexperience upgrade case study
SteepGraph’s Role

  • End to End Responsibility till Go-Live
  • Support.

  • Equipment Manufacturing
Project Type

  • Upgrade 3DEXPEREINCE 2017x to 2021X with Power ‘by
The Key modules 

  • CAD Data Management
  • Engineering BOM Management
  • Change Management
  • Customization


  •  Integration Mode Shift: The transition from Designer Central mode of integration with CAD to Power’by during the upgrade to 2021x poses a fundamental shift in integration modes, requiring careful consideration and adaptation.
  • Two-Step Upgrade Process: The upgrade necessitates a two-step process, initially 2017X to 2021x and subsequently migrating data to UPS (Power’by), adding complexity to the overall upgrade timeline and process.
  • Data Integrity Concerns: Ensuring data integrity throughout the migration process is a significant challenge, demanding meticulous planning and execution to prevent data inconsistencies or loss.

Solution We Provided

  • Efficient Upgrade Execution: Achieved a swift and seamless upgrade within three days, leveraging precisely configured and rigorously tested ANT scripts. This approach ensured a smooth transition while minimizing downtime and potential disruptions.
  • DEC to UPS Migration: Facilitated the migration from DEC to UPS using the SGS ETL Migration framework. This strategic framework ensured a structured and efficient transition, allowing for the successful relocation of data and functionalities between the two environments.
  • User Training on New Data Model

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