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3dexperience upgrade case study
SteepGraph’s Role

  • Enhancement Requests Development and Support
  • End to End Responsibility till Go-Live
  • Support

  • Fashion Retail Industry
Project Type

  • 40 Enhancements on 2017x
  • Upgrade 3DEXPERIENCE 2017x to 2021X
The Key modules 

  • Apparel Central
  • Project Management
  • Engineering BOM Management
  • RFQ
  • Customization


  • Uncertain Execution Durations: The execution durations of numerous data migration scripts during the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform upgrade were initially unclear.
  • Extended System Integration Testing (SIT) Period: The scripts exceeded a duration of four weeks during SIT, causing delays and impacting overall project timelines.

Solution We Provided

  • Optimization Strategies: Undertook a comprehensive optimization effort to streamline the execution process.
  • Redundancy Removal: Identified and removed redundant checks within migration scripts to enhance efficiency.
  • Script Necessity Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis to determine the necessity of each script, leading to a significant reduction in the overall number of required scripts.
  • Data Partitioning: Devised a method to enhance efficiency by partitioning data into manageable chunks.
  • Concurrent Script Execution: Modified migration scripts to enable concurrent execution across segmented data, reducing overall execution time.
  •  Code Modifications for Parallel Execution: Implemented necessary code modifications to ensure seamless parallel execution of migration scripts, further accelerating the upgrade process.

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