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3dexperience upgrade case study
SteepGraph’s Role

  • End to End Responsibility till Go-Live
  • Support

  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing
Project Type

  • Upgrade 3DEXPERIENCE 2015x to 2018x
The Key modules 

  • Document Management
  • EBOM
  • Change Management
  • SolidWorks Integration
  • AutoCAD Integration


  • Prolonged Duration for CAD Migration: The CAD migration process is experiencing significant delays, specifically with the migration of 2 million objects.
  • Increased downtime and resource utilization, hindering overall project timelines
  • Weekend Migration Requirement: The need to complete the full migration over the weekend poses a unique challenge

Solution We Provided

  • Full Weekend Upgrade:  Executed a comprehensive upgrade process over the weekend to minimize disruption to regular operations.
  • Hardware Virtualization Optimization: Redefined the hardware virtualization configuration to enhance its efficiency and maximize resource utilization.
  • CAD Migration Parallelism: Implemented a strategy to split the CAD migration process across multiple machines. This parallel approach aimed to improve efficiency by leveraging the processing power of multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Load Balancing for Servers: Introduced load balancing techniques to evenly distribute incoming server requests.

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