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As a GOLD sponsor, following are SteepGraph’s key highlights at ACE 2024.

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Accelerated User Adoption with Next-Gen e-Learning Solution

Discover how DENSO, in collaboration with SteepGraph, achieved unparalleled user adoption, productivity, and usability within the Aras ecosystem through an innovative e-learning solution. Join us to unveil the success story of this strategic implementation using advanced toolsets for a seamless digital transformation experience.

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Watch Live in Action- Server Monitoring tool to manage your complex Infra


Manage your complex infrastructure effortlessly with our server monitoring tool INFRA Watch. INFRA Watch ensures optimal performance and proactive issue resolution. Witness the tool live in action at our Booth.

  • Monitor all the servers at one place
  • Monitor all the performances in one view
  • Get notified for any abnormality
  • Ensure smooth running of Aras Innovator

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the power of INFRA Watch and explore its capabilities for your organization’s success.

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Your Trusted Partner for PLM Implementation Planning

Business Consulting

We specialize in PLM implementation planning to drive business success and innovation. Our expert consultants offer tailored strategies and support for:

  • PLM Assessment and Strategy Development
  • PLM Vendor Selection and Evaluation
  • Implementation Planning and Roadmap
  • Change Management and User Adoption
  • PLM Training and Support
  • Right parameters to measure PLM success instead of ROI

Ready to elevate your business with effective PLM implementation? Meet us at ACE 2024 to get started.

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Key Highlights

Aras DevOps

At SteepGraph, we specialize in providing DevOps services tailored specifically for Aras Innovator PLM. With our expertise in both DevOps practices and Aras Innovator, we empower businesses to optimize and automate their development processes, enhance collaboration. We can help you to implement Aras DevOps practices in your organization. To know how, do visit our booth.

Moving to Aras Innovator made easy

Embark on a seamless data migration journey with SteepGraph’s ETL Framework, presented exclusively at our booth. Our innovative ETL solution is designed to simplify and accelerate the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition of your data with transparency. We have migrated more than 20 customers. We can help in assessing your data and plan the right migration strategy for you. Book a meeting with us at ACE 2024.

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Meet Our Experts

We are a multidisciplinary team based in the United States with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.

Founder & CEO

Himanshu Zalavadiya

Himanshu Zalavadiya is having 20+ years of experience in industry with specialization in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with deep expertise in consulting and solution design on various PLM platforms. Himanshu is passionate entrepreneur with strong inclination towards business transformation with technology, process digitalization and innovation.

He is founder and CEO of SteepGraph Systems. Since 2009, SteepGraph is focused in PLM solutions and services. Strategy definition, Expanding Business stream, Building the Team and making new initiatives successful are challenges he works on day in and out. He believes that reason for existence of SteepGraph is to deliver value for trust/money invested by customer in us.

CEO, North America

Girish Gowda

With a profound background in engineering, Girish has harnessed his skills effectively in the PLM industry, showcasing exceptional leadership qualities. His expertise extends to successful ventures in international business development, making him a valuable asset in steering companies towards growth and innovation.

Principal PLM Consultant

Lars Peder Hansen

Lars Peder Hansen has been driving Digital Transformation through PLM, consistently prioritizing cultural and process aspects to ensure its success within the enterprise. With decades of experience in working with PLM tools and processes since its inception, he has a deep-rooted understanding of its nuances. Based in Denmark, Lars Peder has executed PLM initiatives on a global scale across numerous large enterprises.

Specialties: End-to-End PLM Implementation, Business Consulting, Effective PLM Planning

Portfolio Manager

Tajagna Hirpara

Tajagna Hirpara has been leading PLM implementation programs for major enterprises in the US and Europe. With extensive experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Tajagna brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His commitment lies in actualizing customer goals and ensuring their success through clear and pragmatic approaches.

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Why We’re Different

SteepGraph has a strong expertise in Product Lifecycle Management, Data Migrations and Enterprise Integrations. Since 2009, SteepGraph has been serving customers in North America, Europe, Middle East & Asia to bring the best industry-specific implementation practices to the table.

SteepGraph’s core strength is it’s Global PLM experience, Advanced Toolset, and deep understanding of multiple PLM platforms like Aras Innovator and 3DEXPERIENCE.

Our customers value our strengths as Best Project Management Practice, Responsive Management, Result-oriented Mindset, and Quality Consciousness; making us their preferred PLM System Integrator for achieving their business transformation goals using PLM.


If you have a Project to discuss on any of the above topics, please get in touch with us

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If you have specific queries related to ARAS Technical/Functional/Planning and need PLM strategical inputs, we also offer free 1 hour consulting session with our PLM Architect

Values That Lead Us

Our Advanced Toolset

Our Customer Stories

Awards  & Recognition

Recognized as the Most Recommended PLM Solutions Provider In 2020
Steepgraph- Insight Success

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