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3dexperience Upgrade Case study
SteepGraph’s Role

  • End to End Responsibility till Go-Live
  • Support

  • Aerospace
Project Type

  • Upgrade 3DEXPERIENCE 2017X to 2021x on AZURE Platform
The Key modules 

  • CAD/EPL Management
  • Engineering BOM Management
  • Change Management
  • Line Effectivity Management
  • Manufacturing BOM Management in DELMIA
  • SAP Integration


  • Version Transition Complexity: The customer started with 2013x and has been upgraded to their current 2017x version. Transitioning from 2013x to the current 2017x version posed challenges due to the inherent differences between versions.
  • Heavy Customization: The customer’s extensive customization implemented to meet specific requirements introduced complexities during the upgrade process.
  • Complex Data Volume
  • De-customization Necessity: The shift to the 2021x version required a certain level of de-customization, adding a layer of complexity to the upgrade path.

Solution We Provided

  •  Efficient Upgrade Execution: Implemented a streamlined upgrade process through a meticulously designed Run book, achieving the entire upgrade in just three days.
  • Precision with ANT Scripts: Leveraged precisely configured and thoroughly tested ANT scripts to ensure a smooth and error-free upgrade.
  • Cloud Migration Strategy: Simultaneously facilitated the migration of customer from a traditional on-premises setup to an Azure environment on a private cloud.

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