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SteepGraph Developed a Custom connector for NETVIBES (EXALEAD) ONEPART for enterprise PDM systems for Oil & Gas Customer.

Business Objective

  • NETVIBES (EXALEAD) ONEPART connector development for – SMARTEAM- Solidworks ePDM

  • Oil & Gas
Data Coverage

  • Document, Libraries
  • Projects
  • CAD Files
  • BOM Structure
  • ACL
The Key modules 

  • SBAs , Mashup Builder
  • ETL
  • API for connectivity
  • Indexing


  • Enhanced Data Accessibility: Diverse data formats and sources in PDM systems can hinder smooth information retrieval.
  • Meeting Varied Customer Requirements: PDM systems must fulfill complex customer requirements, ranging from product structure to security concepts.
  • Industry-Specific Tailoring: The customer requires specialized Search-Based Applications for efficient data search and aggregation.

Solution We Provided

  • Data Extraction Logic for SMARTEAM & ePDM Metadata: Implement advanced data extraction logic tailored for SMARTEAM and ePDM metadata to ensure precise retrieval and utilization of critical information.
  • ACL Extraction Logic Development: Develop robust Access Control List (ACL) extraction logic to manage and control permissions effectively, enhancing security and user access management.
  • Development of EXALEAD Plug-In: Create a dedicated EXALEAD plug-in, ensuring seamless integration with SMARTEAM and ePDM systems, streamlining data flow and accessibility.
  • Usage of API for Publishing Data for Data Indexing.
  • Mashup UI Development for Showing SMARTEAM & ePDM Data.
  • UI Development for Allowing Users to Download CAD Files.

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