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SteepGraph’s Role

  • End to End Responsibility till Go-Live
  • Support

  • Renewable Energy
Project Type

  • Implementation of NETVIBES (EXALEAD) PLM Analytics
The Key modules 

  • EPC Solution
  • Project Management
  • Custom Analytics Dashboard


  • Missed Deadlines: Projects consistently face the challenge of missing deadlines due to the lack of transparency in Project Management. Inadequate management of Project Reviews, Project Progress, and Project Planning contributes to this issue.
  • Risk Management Deficiency: The absence of a structured approach to managing risks and implementing mitigation plans for projects or portfolios poses a significant challenge. This gap can result in unforeseen challenges that affect project timelines and outcomes.
  • Manual Interventions and Request Handling: The reliance on manual interventions and the inefficiency in handling project requests prove to be highly time-consuming. This challenge hampers the overall speed and efficiency of project workflows.
  • Disconnected Systems and Processes: Non-integrated systems and disjointed processes contribute to higher time-to-market and project, as well as release delays. The lack of cohesion results in inefficiencies and a fragmented project management landscape.
  • Reporting and Tracking Gaps: A lack of efficient reporting and tracking mechanisms poses a challenge for auditing progress and actions. Without proper reporting tools, monitoring project milestones and ensuring accountability becomes a daunting task.

Solution We Provided

  • EPC Solution and Project Management: SteepGraph implemented the EPC Solution and Project Management module to efficiently manage portfolios and projects in a centralized and transparent manner.
  • Integrated Systems: Different systems, including ERP and Quality Systems, were seamlessly integrated to standardize and optimize processes, ensuring a smoother workflow.
  • NETVIBES (EXALEAD) with PLM Analytics: Implemented NETVIBES with PLM Analytics (also known as EXALEAD) to visualize PLM data effectively. This included creating live reporting mechanisms and dashboards for project reviews.
    -Built around 230+ Widgets based on Business needs.
    -Built Dashboards specific to Departments and roles – BU Head, COO, CEO, etc.
  • End-to-End Tracking: Utilized Exalead dashboards for the end-to-end project and portfolio progress tracking, ensuring complete transparency and efficacy in monitoring.

By implementing these solutions, SteepGraph addressed the challenges, enhancing project management efficiency, transparency, and overall operational effectiveness.

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